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Zoe KUO (she / her)

Zoe Kuo (2001– ) is a queer, Taiwanese-Australian, multidisciplinary artist from Naarm/Melbourne, currently studying Fine Art at Monash University Caulfield. While being interested in a range of artistic processes, Kuo is primarily drawn to painting, drawing, and photography, and finds these mediums the most effective in being able to translate the concepts and intentions that she explores within her practice. Introspection and drawing from emotions and personal experiences is something that Kuo frequently uses as a foundation for her works, and as research to further guide her practice.

Kuo is fascinated by the figure, gesture and the human form, for its agency, presence, and ability to connect with the viewer; and as such often features the body within her work, and specialising in self/portraiture. Kuo’s art is one that seeks connection with the viewer, but refrains from being blatant about the themes and hidden meanings it is considering, ultimately aiming to evoke responses beyond a surface level.

Kuo is an emerging artist, having two works previously showcased in Top Arts 2020, Untitled (façade), 2019 and Impression, 2019. This is her first public showing of her stand-alone photography work, made in collaboration with her partner Holly Ziessler.

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