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Jordan Morise (he / they)

Jordan Morise (b. Sudan, 2003) is a non binary portrait photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. They specialise in all kinds of portraiture such as fashion, street, fine art, conceptual, environmental, etc. They use photography as a unique, artistic, and passionate way of perceiving life — it is their personal way of fulfilling the aim of the game, of drawing attention to the philosophical aspects of photography, and to demonstrate the dimensions and interpretations a person can gather from each image. 


Morise has exhibited at the RAW: Natural Born Artists, ‘IGNITE’, Showcase (Australia, 2019), and Monash Gallery of Art’s 2021 TOPshots exhibition. Coming from a family of phenomenal and inspirational experiences, being born in North Sudan and immigrating to Australia at a very young age, they were still trying to understand the meaning of life itself, let alone what theirs was and what it meant. 


Inspired by masculinity, femininity, and soulfulness, the artworks they create deals with questions of identity, selfhood, mental health, and emotions through a colourful and/or colourless queer and complicated lens, blending both documentary and fine art approaches. Morise’s work is rooted in nostalgia, fantasy, adventure, creativity, and circumstance, all while remaining fresh and contemporary. 


While his work choreographs relations of things, people, time, light, and space, they are simply 'turning captured moments into lifetime memories.' 

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